Cardiff has been completely rejuvenated, building on its history to become the dynamic capital of Wales.ย  Cardiff is a city on the move and rapidly becoming one of the UK’s top destinations for conventions, conferences and business meetings.ย  The city has also played a role in hosting major international sporting events.ย  The city offers a startling range of unique attractions, top class entertainment and quality shopping all within easy walking distance.

Our serviced apartments in Cardiff are perfectly located to provide for all your business and leisure needs.ย  Many who come to visit Cardiff for a short stay, come back time and time again with some eventually choosing to make Cardiff their home.ย  Stay with us as A Space in the City and we guarantee to make sure you feel at home from the moment you arrive whether you are with us for business travel, city break, family trip or relocation.

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The location of our stylish apartments are perfect for a weekend or weekday break.ย  Cardiff has many unique attractions, top class entertainment and quality shopping with a difference.ย  Why not shop, eat and sleep in style.

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Serviced apartments Cardiff

The lively capital of Wales has a lot to offer, from stunning sights to world class entertainment, unmissable sports event and, of course, thriving business opportunities. And thereโ€™s no better way to make the most of your Cardiff city break or work trip than by choosing a luxury serviced apartment at the heart of the action.

Serviced apartments have been taking the world of tourism by storm, and for good reason. Combining the best features of a hotel with the domestic comforts of having your own place, serviced apartments offer travellers a taste of life as a local.

What is a serviced apartment?

Serviced apartments, also popularly known as aparthotels, have become the nationโ€™s new favourite accommodation for a reason. A number of reasons actually! Designed to provide a home from home to tourists and business travellers, our serviced apartments in Cardiff are luxurious spaces at the heart of the city which give visitors the opportunity to explore local attractions from a comfortable base.

Dotted around the lively capital of Wales, our serviced apartments cater to a variety of location requirements โ€“ so you can find the perfect place, whether you need to stay in the beautiful bay area or the bustling city centre.

When you choose a serviced apartment in Cardiff, you are choosing flexibility and space. Each of our accommodation options across the city offers a bunch of features you wonโ€™t find in a regular hotel or an Airbnb. Instead of limiting you to a hotel room kettle or a cereal shelf, aparthotels come with the full range of kitchen amenities, so you can whip up your own meals when you feel like it.

We are also talking significantly more living space compared to more traditional accommodation choices. Whether youโ€™re spending the whole day indoors working, or just relaxing in the evening after a long day of exploring the capital, with our Cardiff serviced apartments you get the leg room you need to unwind and recharge.

Aparthotels are also usually available at attractively low nightly rates, but fear not โ€“ itโ€™s not at the expense of excellent customer service. In fact, our serviced apartments in Cardiff offer extra perks, such as flexible check-in and check-out hours, to help make your stay as effortless as possible.

Who uses serviced apartments?

Everyone! No, but really, the beauty of serviced apartments is that they are perfect for a variety of travellers:

โ€ข Do you travel for business a lot and spend long periods of time away from home?

Our serviced apartments allow you to carve your own space in the city (see what we did there?) and enjoy all the comforts you wonโ€™t find in a hotel room. Thatโ€™s sure to make work more productive and ease your home sickness!

โ€ข Are you an avid lover of city breaks who wants to see every exciting sight over the course of a weekend? When you book our serviced apartments in Cardiff, you will be centre stage of all the action, with beautiful landmarks right at your doorstep. As a bonus youโ€™ll also have a cosy space to come back to in the evening, so you can recharge your batteries before you renew your exploring!

โ€ข Have your family or friends decided to join you on your adventures?

Aparthotels are ideal for bigger groups who travel tog privacy and community, with spacious shared kitchen and living room areas as well as separate bedrooms where you can retreat and relax.

โ€ข In between homes?

Serviced apartments are also a great choice if youโ€™ve just moved city and you need somewhere to anchor down for a couple of weeks until you find a permanent home.

Why you should stay in a serviced apartment?

Every traveller needs a home from home where then can kick back after a long day, enjoy a home cooked meal and revel in some luxurious peace and quiet. Whether you are holidaying as a family or a couple, visiting the city on business trips or globetrotting on you own, our serviced apartments in Cardiff will make your stay that much more pleasant.

Looking to save money? Aparthotels are, once again, the answer! For one, the daily accommodation rate of a serviced apartment in Cardiff works out cheaper than a hotel room or Airbnb. Whatโ€™s more, youโ€™re no longer forced into eating out or splurging on room service โ€“ with a fully equipped kitchen you have all the tools you need to prepare your own delicious food and save for sightseeing.

Need some more convincing that serviced apartments are far superior? Consider these luxuriously cosy things you can do in an aparthotel that no regular hotel can offer:

โ€ข Start you morning right

That fully fitted kitchen we mentioned? Yes, its advantages are never-ending. Just picture it โ€“ lounging in the spacious living area of your serviced apartment in the heart of Cardiff, sipping a freshly brewed cup of coffee and looking out at the stunning vistas. And thatโ€™s without even changing out of your pyjamas!

โ€ข Be entertained

Designed to cater to all your relaxation needs, serviced apartments come equipped with a state of the art entertainment centre, so you can kick back with delicious snacks (possibly accompanied by a glass of wine) and stream the latest hit films to your heartโ€™s content. Your little ones are tagging along for the trip? Hand over the reins of the remote to your offspring and take a quiet break from supervision whilst theyโ€™re mesmerised by the countless TV channels and games!

โ€ข Spend money on things that matter

Think of all the money you are saving between the lower nightly rates and eating in! And thatโ€™s without ever accounting for all you cut down on inner city travel by staying at the heart of the capital. All in all, choosing a serviced apartment in Cardiff frees up a lot of funds you can spend on experiences instead of expenses โ€“ like seeing a show in the Millennium Centre, exploring Cardiff Castle or venturing out from Cardiff Bay on a boat.

What do the A Space in the City serviced apartments in Cardiff include?

Weโ€™ve told you all about how great serviced apartments are compared to traditional accommodation choices. But what makes the signature A Space in the City serviced apartments so special?

Letโ€™s start with the beautiful dรฉcor. When you are on a city break, you want your holiday to be stunning inside and out. We get that. We cater to that. All of our serviced apartments across Cardiff are decked out with modern furniture and decorated in a trendy contemporary style that affords you both luxury and plenty of space.

Part of the stunning furnishings of our Cardiff serviced apartments is, of course, the fully fitted kitchen equipped with all the appliances you need to whip up a delicious dinner or start your day off slow with a loaded breakfast.

Much more than a standard hotel room, our apartments offer a cosy space where you can work and relax, at nightly rates competitive to a 4-star hotel. Included in the exclusive rates for our serviced apartments in Cardiff are also digital TV and high-speed broadband, as well as all housekeeping facilities and bills.

And thatโ€™s just the start! Many of the developments where our Cardiff serviced apartments are housed offer fitness and leisure facilities which you can use completely free of charge. The exclusive range of perks you can enhance your stay with also include flexible check-in and check-out hours, additional bedding, split beds and on-site parking.

Our fully serviced apartments in Cardiff Bay and Cardiff city centre give you more flexibility and value for money, so you can immerse yourself in the local lifestyle and make the most of your city break or business trip. When you stay with us, you will also have more energy (from all that luxurious lounging) and money to explore the abundancy of Cardiff attractions.

If you are looking for the perfect Event Venue to hire in Cardiff, our fantastic location offers a unique, inspiring environment.