In the characteristic January spirit of ‘new year, new me’, we propose to you an alternative meeting solution that can transform your 2020 business relationships. Why not have your kick off meetings for the start of the year off site? This new approach is rapidly gaining popularity amongst small and medium companies, and here’s why:

The space

Sometimes your office meeting room is simply not big enough, whether you have team members coming from different branches for the annual strategy meeting, or you’ve invited clients from further regions for a kick off meeting. Instead of trying to cram extra office chairs into your reception area or awkwardly jamming everyone into the biggest table in the noisy nearby café, we recommend turning to meeting rooms for hire. After all, what better way to make sure the meeting space is up to scratch than choosing a venue built to serve that purpose!

The ease

Creating a feeling of comfort and ease for all parties attending is especially important if you are having a kick off meeting with clients. Elements such as having plenty of natural light and a quiet environment are key to conducting a meeting that’s comfortable for everyone, so if you don’t have an appropriate space in your HQ, we recommend turning to meeting room hire. This way you also have the added benefit of the meeting room serving as ‘neutral’ space for your clients and team members, so you can start building a relationship of trust on equal grounds.

The presentation

From technology which works flawlessly to comfortable seating and large TV screens, welcoming your wider team and clients into a well-presented space sets the tone well for your future together. After all, what better way to show that you are reliable and mean business than by choosing a meeting space that’s the embodiment of attention to detail.

The treats

While the quality of a business meeting is not determined by the freebies, they certainly help sweeten the pot, especially in terms of making a good impression to everyone in attendance. In fact, many meeting rooms for hire offer complimentary add-ons as part of their package, such as delegate stationery and refreshments, which can help kick-off your client relationship in style.

The location

Far from being situated in a fabulous office atop one of Manhattan’s numerous skyscrapers (the way all HQs seem to be in Hollywood films), most companies are actually based on industrial estates or ordinary neighbourhoods that can be far less easy on the eye, not to mention hard on the navigation.

Meeting rooms for hire, by comparison, tend to be located smack in the city centre – certainly a much better choice if you want to save your new business partners the headache of making their way through unknown territory.

Plus, being this close to the heart of the city, you and your visitors can easily nip into a stylish venue to toast a successful kick-off once the meeting is over.

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