The best coworking space in Cardiff

Whether you’re looking for a shared office space to reside long term or just drop in occasionally, we’ve created a convenient and collaborative coworking space for business to flourish. From desks and comfy chairs, room to brainstorm and meeting pods, we’ve got all your home comforts covered. And did we mention the free coffee?

Just because you work for yourself, it doesn’t mean you should work by yourself! Our coworking space lets you surround yourself with inspirational people to accelerate your success.

The benefits of our coworking space

  • Shared office space available Monday to Friday between 8 am and 6 pm
  • Natural daylight (plus a stunning view of Cardiff!)
  • Choose your coworking desk space
  • Free WIFI, printing and photocopying
  • Free tea, coffee and mineral water
  • Access to a locker to store your belongings
  • Coworking space dedicated to networking with your industry’s co working community
  • Access to our partnership programme
Our coworking space Cardiff membership packages offer you the flexibility your business needs:

The ‘Visiting’ Coworking Space for Hire

Shared office space perfect for travellers and entrepreneurs at large.

£15.00 per day

Rent a Coworking Space as aLocal’

Great coworking spaces for project work and freelancers on the go.

£65.00 per week

Flexi Coworking Space for Hire

Creative hubs best suited to small teams, students, part timers and flexible workers

£90.00 per month

Resident’ Rent Coworking Space Package

Shared office space ideal for start-ups, businesses not ready to rent, or anyone seeking a collaborative space to work from.

£200.00 per month



Wanting to accelerate that idea into the next big thing?
Working and can’t find the time to focus, needing a work home or just somewhere to meet?
We’ve extended our hours every Wednesday for you to accelerate that idea, our space is available until 9pm.

Find a space, make things happen!

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In recent years Cardiff has undergone a complete makeover and become the main commercial hub of Wales. Already home to the majority of the country’s cultural and sports institutions, the Welsh capital has now transformed its waterfront area to also house the Wales Millennium Centre, where theatre, opera and dance lovers flock monthly to see astounding performances.

That the city is a tourist magnet is really no surprise, but the allure is also gradually expanding for business travellers. This trend is reflected by the growing number of coworking spaces in Cardiff that house professionals looking to break away from the rigid office environment.

More and more large businesses from all industries are joining in the Cardiff scene and creating opportunities for professionals to network and develop. In this context, the coworking spaces in Cardiff are launching as a way to support Welsh business growth in all areas, from creative to the tech sector.

Such creative hubs and coworking spaces have become integral to the way professionals in the creative industry work – over the past decade these spaces have significantly contributed to the growth of the Welsh creative economy.

Far from being just physical areas, coworking spaces around Cardiff carve out a reputation through the unique services they provide and the ways in which they nurture the local business community. Often what gives each coworking space character is the distinctive expertise and values of the people behind it.

Some coworking spaces in Cardiff are designed specifically for the purpose, while others combine trendy coffee shop atmosphere with ad hoc working space to appeal to caffeine addicts and lovers of cakes amongst professionals.

Creative businesses around the city also offer their take on coworking spaces. You can find office spaces and meeting rooms for hire in buildings like Gloworks, or take advantage of the creative resources such as rehearsal spaces, tech hubs and media equipment some companies use.

What is a coworking space?

Coworking spaces can’t be summed up by one of their features – they contain multitudes! They are a space which brings like-minded professionals together. They provide networking opportunities and a relaxed atmosphere where businesses from all spheres can meet with their teams, clients and each other to brainstorm ideas and facilitate growth.

Coworking spaces help drive innovation across industries by encouraging connectivity and flow of ideas through their open plan architecture. Evolving to meet the changing working habits of professionals and accommodate the rise of start-up, coworking spaces vary between casual coffee shops and more professional workspaces that can house entire small businesses.

While there are plenty of coworking spaces around Cardiff which can support start-up companies and help them grown, these venues are not limited to businesses looking for a place to work. They house a range of professionals from all walks of life, including individual company employees, managers and C-suite members, freelancers and entrepreneurs, students and academics.

In short, coworking spaces are the perfect spot for anyone looking to break up the office routine, network and join the more global steps toward social and technological innovation.

Benefits of coworking spaces

The many benefits of coworking spaces can be split into two key categories – tangible and ‘soft’. The tangible ones include physical perks provided to professionals, such as a spacious desk, tech equipment, super-fast internet access and a private meeting space.

Other important benefits which was less are just as important albeit less tangible include being part of the coworking space community and having the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals. The potential for growing your business and sharing knowledge also fall under the ‘soft’ benefits category.

Being based in a coworking space can also have a beneficial effect on self-confidence levels of professionals. Data shows that many of them repot increased productivity and a boost in the quality of their work. Coworking spaces that have been set up well allow individuals from similar spheres to brainstorm, exchange ideas and collaborate.

As well as helping individual businesses connect and grow, coworking spaces in Cardiff help nourish the local business community and the wider economy. Many of these spaces also include added value in the form of anything from free hot drinks and speedy WiFi to secure storage and private meeting room hire.

The coworking spaces themselves add an extra level of comfort to the working environment with plenty of natural light, comfortable seating and great air conditioning. Combined with a central location at the midst of the lively Welsh capital, this makes coworking spaces the heart of the business community. The coworking community is often made up of friendly and knowledgeable professionals who can inspire and challenge you.

If you are looking for the perfect Event Venue to hire in Cardiff, our fantastic location offers a unique, inspiring environment.